My main research interest are computational approaches towards protein science in the light of biological evolution. I particularly study structure and function of protein families, develop methods for protein engineering and structure prediction.

In that respect, I use standard tools for protein sequence and structure analysis, molecular modelling and simulations, molecular docking. I also develop new methods and tools as well as databases.

On going projects and (under)graduates students or post-docs working on these topics are :

  1. Application of a structural alphabet (protein blocks) for protein structure analysis and prediction (Iyanar Vetrivel & Surbhi Dhingra at UFIP, University of Nantes)
  2. Computational approaches towards understanding & engineering the regioselectivity of carbohydrate active enzymes (CAZymes) and application (former students Mahesh Velusamy, Leila Saintalmé, Klara Edern, and Marine Goux an on-going post-doc in the group of my collaborator Corinne Miral, all at  UFIP, Nantes)
  3. Evolution, structure and function of odorant binding proteins families involved in olfaction in insects (Marine Averty at University of Nantes and Bhavika Mam at NCBS, Bangalore)
  4. Computational approaches towards the characterization of the metabolites transported by Soluble Binding Proteins (SBP) of gram negative bacteria (Rosalia Medjoubi and Cyrille Grandjean at UFIP, University of Nantes)

My collaborators on these projects are :

  1. Dr A. G. de Brevern (INSERM, Paris), Prof N. Srinivasan (IISC, Bangalore), Prof F. Cadet (Université de La Réunion, Réunion)
  2. Prof Tom Desmest (University of Ghent), Dr Corinne Miral (Université de Nantes)
  3. Prof R. Sowdhamini (NCBS & TIFR, Bangalore)
  4. Dr Cyrille Grandjean (CNRS, Nantes)