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I work in the UFIP, a CNRS lab (UMR CNRS 6286) at University of Nantes.

Present research activities:

My research is focused on new computational approaches towards protein structure analysis and applications. Following are my current research themes and projects :

Past research activities:

  1. Analysis and modeling 3D structures of disulphide rich proteins
  2. Investigating the structural basis of the biology of human resistin hormone
  3. Genome mapping and analysis using molecular markers
  4. Multivariate analysis of biological Mid-IR spectra

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My applications

Structural bioinformatics Analycys: database of disulphide bonds in protein families PBE-T: transforms 3D structure into Protein Blocks sequences PB-ALIGN: fast and efficient structure comparison and mining Database of structural alignments PENTAdb: database of pentapeptides from protein structures PB-kPRED: prediction of protein structure in terms of protein blocks PB-SVi: prediction of local structure variability of pentapeptides …

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