Août 12 2015

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Glycoinformatics book at Springer

From www.springer.comEditors: Lütteke Thomas & Frank Martin (Eds.)


This book provides current glycoinformatics methods and protocols used to support the determination of carbohydrate structures in biological samples as well as carbohydrate structure databases, the interaction of carbohydrates with proteins, and theoretical and experimental methods to study their three-dimensional structure and dynamics. Glycoinformatics explores this recently emerged field, which has come into being in order to address the needs of encoding, storing, and analyzing carbohydrate ‘sequences’ and their taxonomy using computers. Written in the highly successful Methods in Molecular Biology series format, chapters contain the kind of detailed description and key implementation advice to ensure successful results.

Authoritative and timely, Glycoinformatics demonstrates the progress that has been achieved in glycoinformatics, which indicates that it is no longer a niche subject covered by only a few scientists but is truly coming of age.

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