Août 15 2014

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A web-based tool for rational screening of mutants libraries using ProSAR.


Magali Berland, Bernard Offmann, Isabelle André, Magali Remaud-Siméon and Philippe Charton


Protein Engineering, Design and Selection (2014) 27 (10): 375-381.doi: 10.1093/protein/gzu035

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In directed evolution experiments, it is at stake to have methods to screen efficiently the mutant libraries. We propose a web-based tool that implements an established in silico method for the rational screening of mutant li- braries. The method, known as ProSAR, attempts to link sequence data to activity. The method uses statistical models trained on small experimental datasets provided by the user. These can integrate potential epistatic interac- tions between mutations and be used in many diverse biological contexts. It drastically improves the search for leading mutants. The tool is freely available to non-com- mercial users at http://bo-protscience.fr/prosar/.

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